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EmmaG [08Jul17 - 08:51:47]: EmmaG
Anne53 [07Mar17 - 23:12:13]: Hi Aimee, I would ring local potters, pottery suppliers and places that run courses, and ask who they recommend. I did this, and now have two recommended people to call in my area.
Robin @ Top Pot [21Feb17 - 09:28:02]: Hi Aimee, Ive never used shoutbox haha to reply. Probably best to open a thread in where to get stuff . Robin
Aimee [13Feb17 - 15:37:35]: i have never used a forum before so not how this works. I have bought a second hand Potters wheel but unfortunately it didn't like the journey to my house and has stopped working. I am looking for some advice about repairing it. Thanks Aimee
Aimee [13Feb17 - 15:35:48]: hi